IPCR, Foundation Plan to End TIiv/Jukun Clash


IPCR, Foundation discuss to End TIiv/Jukun Clash

Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution (IPCR) has today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Tor Gowon Foundation, a non-Governmental organization which specialized in mediation and dialogue. The MOU is aimed at finding a lasting solution to the internecine Tiv/Jukun crisis.

The Director General of the IPCR, Dr. Bakut T. Bakut said that the purpose of the MOU is to resolve the long-drawn communal crisis between the Tiv and Jukun ethnic groups of Taraba state in North East Nigeria, adding that the Institute would intervene to ensure that lasting peace returns to the warring communities.

The signing of the MOU is in furtherance of the mandate of IPCR which include amongst others to promote peace internally and externally in Africa and also to be practically involved in the task of mediation, conflict management and resolution.

According to the MOU, IPCR is to provide the needed expertise and guidance towards engendering an all-encompassing atmosphere for dialogue amongst the varying interest groups involved in the Tiv/Jukun crisis that cut across Nigeria.

The MOU stipulate that Tor Yaro Foundation shall identify and coordinate for the purpose of dialogue, NGOs and groups whose interest in the crisis are neutral, apolitical and geared towards peaceful resolutions.

In his response, the Chief Executive Officer of Tor Gowon Yaro Foundation, Tor Gowon Yaro said that they would put all necessary resources at their disposal to ensure that lasting peace returns to Tiv and Jukun Communities.

Musa Mato

Head of Media


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