DEPOWA Builds Centre for Widows of Military Men

In another development, the Defence and Police Officers’ Wives Association (DEPOWA)  has built a Skills Acquisition Centre in support of the widows of fallen...

Nutrition Indices, Unacceptable in Kaduna State

Wife of Kaduna State Governor, Hajia Hadiza El-Rufai has said the State would embark on drastic action to combat poor nutrition indices within its...

20 Million People In The Sahel Go To Sleep Hungry

It has been rated that 20 million of people living in the Sahel go to sleep hungry every night due to unceasing menace of...

WHO Director General Visits Abuja To Delist Nigeria As Polio Endemic...

Nigeria is at the verge of eradicating Polio as the World Health Organization (WHO) is set to formally pronounce the delisting of Nigeria as...

Humanitarian Response: Agencies Frown at Exclusion by UN System

The National Inter-sector Coordination forum made up of all relevant government Ministries and Departments and Agencies involved in humanitarian supports in the North east...

VP Osinbajo To Sign Nigeria, Uk Solar Energy Partnership Commitment In...

VICE PRESIDENT, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, SAN, headed out of Abuja today to particpate in the launching of the Energy Africa Campaign in London at...

CCT fixes 5th and 6th November for reporting and hearing of...

The Code of Conduct Tribunal at its resumed hearing today, adjourned hearing of charges against Senate President Dr Olubukola Abubakar Saraki pending the pronouncement...

President Buhari Approves Pre-Retirement of Kifasi

President Buhari has approved the pre-retirement leave for the Head of Civil Service of the Federation, Mr Danladi kifasi with effect from 20th October...

Federal Character: FG May Announce New HOS Soon

In an effort to ensure Federal Character Principle as enshrined in the Nigeria's Constitution, the Federal Government may soon announce a new Head of...

IGP Sets Up Scholarship Foundation For Children Of Police Officers

In a bid to further guarantee the welfare of officers and men of the Nigeria Police Force for a robust quality service delivery to...

FG Plans Crisis Communication Centre To Counter Violent Extremist Narratives –...

A crisis communication centre that provides information countering violent extremist ideology especially in the North-East will be set up by the Buhari Administration, according...

FG To Host Idps Stakeholders’ Forum Next Week

In furtherance of the determination of the Buhari administration to bring relief, restoration and rehabilitation back to Internally Displaced Persons in the North-East, a...

FCSC Chairman Stresses The Importance of Language

As Tool For National DevelopmentThe Honorable Chairman, Federal Civil Service Commission, Dns. Joan O. Ayo has described language as an important aspect of culture...

Effective and frequent hand washing prevent transmission of pathogens- FG

In an effort to prevent transmission of pathogens that cause diseases to human beings, Federal Ministry of Water Resources has urged the general public...

Youth Ministry To Partner With Poultry Association Of Nigeria To...

The Permanent Secretary, Federal Ministry of Youth Development, Mrs. Rabi Jimeta – mni, has once again reiterated the readiness of her Ministry to partner...

AGF Receives 51st ICAN President And His Council Members , And...

The Accountant General of the Federation, Alhaji Ahmed Idris, has called on the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) to partner with the...

NPS Confirms Charles Okah is Alive, Hale and Hearty

This is to officially respond to numerous media enquiries over the rumoured death of Mr. Charles Okah in prison custody. We wish to categorically state...

Military Inaugurates Committee On Reforms

The Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) General Gabriel Olonisakin has inaugurated a 10-member committee to study the doctrines and procedures of the military and...

Gurara Communities to benefit from commercial farming activities at the site-...

Federal Government of Nigeria has said that the communities surrounding Gurara Irrigation project in Kaduna State will benefit largely from the commercial farming activities...

A Constructive Facet to Fight Corruption

There is this wave of euphoria washing over the nation as Nigerians, true to their nature and penchant for celebrating the downfall of the...

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