1. By my opinion to both Col.Sani Kukasheka Usman and Lt. Gen.Turkur Bruratai, they should try and station fighting force soldiers at the end flank’s boundaries’ lines between Nigeria and Niger; Nigeria and Lake Chad; Nigeria and Cameroon. Through this way, devilish Boko Haram sect will not be able to escape out or able to run-off very freely into neigbouring countries mentioned. Also, Boko Haram sects will remains right inside Nigeria only. As this would eventually enable our Nigeria army fighting forces to dealt a big blows to Boko Haram sects and weakening their entire fighting strengths and also inflicts the prevention impact of ” a possible secret foreigners-(that were Nigeria biggest enemies, especially some Europeans countries), from helping Boko Haram sect for engaging in more attacks, and they’ll be cut-off from returning back from neighbourings countries, where they’re often hiding. But although some of them will runs back inside other Nigeria cities down towards southern directions sides, and the only possible way to counter this trends, is for the Nigeria Army authorities to embark upon a rigorious general publicity or advertisemnet to the entire general public for informants to report any suspected Boko Haram members in the mix of communities to any of the designated relevant Nigerian security authorities, and a substantial financial rewards should be offer to “any very reliable informants”. And on the other hand, if the current Nigeria fighting force soldiers were concentrating only within Nigeria boundaries, then Boko Haram main major Commanders and planners will definitely escapes into neighbouring Lake Chad, Niger and Cameroon, for them to return back again at a later date into Nigeria with their renew devilish fighting plans, likely given to them by Nigeria’s enemies of european foreigners to continue targeting softer grounds of Nigerians commmunities surrounding North-East areas of Borno state. As this will means then that forever the entire Nigerian Army authority will continue to have never-ending of wasting huge resources and efforts in clearing up Boko Haram sect elements much longer, and that will portends a serious advantageous position for the entire Nigeria Army authorities in the entire country. I do commended our galantry and hard-working Nigerian soldiers of men and women for the ultimate sacrifice of their lives for our fatherland, Nigeria, for peace. Well done to Lt Gen. Turkur Bruratai and his entire committed commenders. May almighty God continues to guide and protects every one of them and their fighting men & women. Amen.


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