1. Colonel Sani Kukasheka Usuman, (Army Public Relations specialist lier/false reporter), will all the time continue to delivers packs of lies and false reporting to the entire Nigerian public about the war against Boko Haram, when it is obviously known that this same army colonel Sani is one of a legitimised Boko Haram member himself. Because the Nigeria Army should have daily and always advance effective intelligence networks sources as to when these murderous and human’s blood spills tasty evil Boko Haram group/sects were even able to hold Eid El-Kabir prayers in their larger numbers, and the Nigerian army operational crack teams should have bomb them while in their prayers, which could have been a great advantage opportunity best time for the Nigerian Army commands fighting them to have heavily bomb them during their prayer time. But instead, the Nigerian Army now dominated by moslems top commanders and higher army services chiefs, did deliberately allowed this very evil group to hold their prayers successfully and even to such an extent that Boko Haram senior officials were making a mockery by world-wide ‘You Tube videos’ against our Nigerian army leaderships, and even insulting our President Muhammadu Buhari in their ‘youtube video.’ No doubts that it goes to show openly that Nigerian Federal Government now mostly comprising political arm of this evil group; Boko Haram. That unless, all of the entire Nigeria securities top chiefs are willing to put aside their bias lineages with Boko Haram group secretly and also stops fooling the entire Nigerians public for dealing with this same evil BH sects, it shall be only then that Boko Haram evil sects can be completely being eliminated entirely forever and for everlasting good for Nigeria.

  2. Boko Haram will never ends until all moslems securities top chiefs and commanders put aside their Islamic religion bias against the christians it shall be only then that these human blood suckers and tasty groups will be defeated completely forever in Nigeria North-East zone or region areas


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