Yemi Osinbajo
Yemi Osinbajo
The attention of the Ministry of Budget and National Planning has been drawn to a series of misleading information circulating and being given prominence in the media regarding some purported provisions in the 2017 Budget proposals.
This development has been going on for some time now, the latest being the false statement to the effect that a provision of N250 million has been made for the construction of a Gate-house in the Vice President’s quarters. That information is completely false and unfounded.
There was indeed no such provision even in the 2016 Budget of the Federal Government nor is there any such provision in the 2017 draft budget currently being deliberated upon by the National Assembly.
It will be recalled that after the 2017 Budget proposals were submitted by His Excellency the President to the National Assembly, the Ministry announced that the proposals would be put up on the websites of both the Ministry and the Budget Office. Details of the proposals are on both websites.
Members of the public are therefore encouraged to check these details before repeating allegations, which may be completely false.
In view of the persistence of these allegations, the Director General of the Budget Office, Mr Ben Akabueze, will be addressing journalists on Thursday to give further corrections and explanations regarding the provisions of the 2017 Budget.
Akpandem James
Media Adviser to the Hon. Minister


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