Xenophobic:IPCR Expresses Concern Over Attacks On Nigerians
The Institute for Peace and Conflict Resolution (IPCR), has expressed concern over the xenophobic attacks on Nigerians and other Africans by some miscreants in South Africa.

The Director General of IPCR, Prof. Bakut T. Bakut, made this known on Wednesday in Abuja.

He condemned the killings and burning of Nigerians, other Nationals’ and their properties. Prof. Bakut called on the South Africans to remember the historical relationship between South Africa and other African countries, which dated back to the days of apartheid.

Prof. Bakut called on the South African government to caution its people and allows peace to prevail. He also called on Nigerians to remain calm and not to retaliate or take the law into their hands as Federal Government is taking steps to address the situation.
He said it is important to build on the two countries relationship than to destroy it, as diplomatic crisis will not speak well for both countries and the African continent as a whole.

The DG said: “We should build on what unite us more than what divides us. Attacking each other would not help us, it will only destroy the foundation of our relationship.”

“Nigeria and South Africa have come a long way. We have been living together and doing things in common. This is not the time to tear apart, but a time to build a common front for the development of the two countries”

Bakut noted that Nigerian and South Africa have investments in each other’s countries and as such both countries should look for a way to harness this profitable venture that will build a peaceful co-existence.

He cautioned against using languages capable of escalating the crisis, urging the South African government to restrain its citizens and asked them to put a stop to the orgy of violence..

“Nigerian are hard working people and should not be subjected to molestation, harassment or killings just because they are not a citizen of particular country”, he said.

Musa Mato
Head of Media