Civil Military Relations
Civil Military Relations

Military Recognizes Constitutional Obligation of Defending Nigeria–CISA

The Citizens Initiative for Security Awareness (CISA), has said that despite a multiplicity of internal security challenges, the Nigeria military still recognizes its constitutional obligation of defending the country from external aggression and internal insurrection.

Mr. Chidi Omeje, who is CISA’s National Coordinator, at a press conference in Abuja, commended the military for not shirking their onerous responsibility right from the commencement of offensive against the Nigerian state by Boko Haram terrorists.

“Thanks to the Nigerian military for being able to contend with the relentless hydra-headed monster of insecurity that is so determined to destroy the peace and stability of our country. Thanks to our brave soldiers who have laid down their lives in defence of our country from fierce enemies and brutal adversaries,” he said.

According to Omeje, the military troops are determined and patriotic as ever in spite of the challenges of infiltrations, sabotage and politicization of their operations.

While maintaining that the terrorists and bandits have been denied any sanctuary within the territorial borders of the country, the CISA Coordinator, said there has been no respite for the criminal elements as a result of the bombardments of military troops from both land and air.

He added: “Even as our troops are determined to defend us from the enemies of the state, it must be reemphasized that the battle against insecurity in our country is not the sole responsibility of our military. Every patriotic Nigerian has a role to play in the battle. The least every citizen can do at a time like this, is to show and express solidarity and unflinching support to our gallant troops.”