Global Alliance’s PR and Communication Predictions for 2024

Global Alliance Board
Global Alliance Board

Global Alliance’s PR and Communication Predictions for 2024

The Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management is the confederation of the world’s major PR and communication management associations and institutions, representing 320,000 practitioners and academics around the world.

Members of the executive board of the Global Alliance share their predictions about the profession for 2024:

Gladys Diaz, APR (Puerto Rico): The consistent growth and adoption of AI in Public Relations and communications will represent a major challenge during 2024. Ethical frameworks and regulation are critical to avoid misinformation, disinformation and propaganda. Trust and transparency will be questioned now more than ever. On the other hand legal implications, copyrights and right of use are also pivotal in terms of AI discussion and implementation, a topic very relevant for practitioners.

Amith Prabhu (India): Reputation is about behavior. If brands behave well they are perceived well. The reputation is owned by stakeholders and how they perceive a brand. So, in 2024 let us go back to the basics and make good behavior a deliberate choice. This is applicable to individuals, non profit organisations, corporate organisations and political parties alike. We are entering a phase where machines will control many things and eliminate jobs. However, there will be scope for humans who apply their brains with honesty as empathy and emotion will not go out of fashion in the foreseeable future.

Wole Adamolekun, Ph.D (Nigeria): Increasingly, strategic public relations would require a robust interface between academia and practice. Indeed, today’s complex socio-economic, technological, environmental and political realities compel practitioners to take advantage of the theoretical foundations of public relations and the dynamism of practitioners to provide solutions for the new world communication led development. Intellectualising public relations practice is, therefore, a necessity for future relevance and quality assurance.

José Manuel Velasco Guardado (Spain): In 2024, communication and PR professionals will witness a growth in tension between truth and lies. We will have to continue striving to lead an increasingly ethical vision of our job, which must contribute to the general generation of trust. That will make our work a little uncomfortable sometimes, but better uncomfortable than irresponsible.

Hamilton dos Santos (Brazil): The planet is in urgent need of change, and all signs point to an era of environmental, economic and social transition. Corporate communications plays a key role in building the bridges that support this transition, as well as enhancing the role that business plays in navigating this shifting landscape. With the evolution of society and the proliferation of social media, communication has become an increasingly important tool. Business leaders are being asked to consider the needs of all their stakeholders, not just the bottom line. This requires the ability to listen and empathize, to dialogue and collaborate with others. 2024 should see a continuation of this trend as corporate communicators move beyond traditional campaigns and positions and take responsibility as agents of change.

Béatrice Guay, FSCRP, M.A.P., Adm. A. (Canada): Based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) data, organizations will have increased opportunities to innovate in 2024. Aligned with the ESG program (environment, social, governance), Public Relations Management will foster ethical and effective communication while protecting AI information.

Peter Mutie, Fprsk Fapra, Fziprc (Kenya): In the year 2024 strategic communication will continue playing a pivotal role in building trust for organisations across the globe. And more importantly, with pressing global issues such as climate change, wars and other conflicts, communication practitioners will be called to enhance responsible communication to effectively tackle these issues. To realise real success in dealing with these challenges, communication professionals will be required to remain cutting-edge in skills and requisite capacities to match the gravity of these daunting global issues.

Fiona Cassidy APR, FPRINZ, LPRINZ (New Zealand): Technology advancements will continue to change the way we operate at a strategic level. AI will continue to evolve, as will access to information through multiple platforms. The challenge for strategic communications professionals will be to ensure they remain current in a continually changing environment.

*Gesille Sedra Buot (Indonesia):* In 2024, public relations transforms: EMPATHY takes center stage amidst rising prices, tech saturation, social media dynamics, societal challenges, and ad fatigue. Genuine connections rule in a world flooded with sales pitches. PR success now means inspiring, not just engaging, with content that truly resonates. Prioritizing people is a must, spotlighting exceptional customer service for meaningful connections. In the age of employer brand marketing, employees shine as influential advocates, crucial for effective communication. Entering this era demands embracing empathy and nurturing authentic connections as keystones for successful communication strategies.

Dalien Rene Benecke (South Africa): Disruptive times require intensive reflection on current capabilities and future demands. Strategic communicators, capable of building bridges through relationships and networks are ideally positioned to navigate change.

Boy Kelana Soebroto (Indonesia): The need to manage and execute strategic communication in a global and mediatised world is a complex task. The move towards engagement across multiple media platforms, use and management of large data sets and the rise of generative AI require new competencies such as strategic communication, communicate to influence by being able to unite differences through purposeful movements and, communicate for a sustainable world by utilizing the latest technology while still upholding moral values and ethics to strengthen the good will of collaboration.

Norman Agatep (Philippines): As people adjust to their new lives and lifestyles moving away from the global health crisis, they will recalibrate their definition of happiness and meaning at home and at work. To remain relevant, communicators must dig deep to understand what moves specific stakeholders today, what sparks joy or fear in them, how their values have shifted, and how all these will transform culture and society. Only then can we connect more purposively with others in 2024.

Jude William Genilo (Bangladesh): In 2024, strategic communicators will increasingly require a dynamic skill set that blends traditional expertise with cutting-edge proficiencies to navigate the evolving landscape. Proficiency in data analytics and AI-driven tools will be essential, enabling professionals to derive actionable insights from complex data sets, anticipate trends, and tailor communication strategies with precision. Fluency in emerging technologies like immersive storytelling platforms will be vital, empowering communicators to craft compelling narratives that captivate audiences in an ever-changing digital ecosystem. A deep understanding of ethical considerations related to data privacy, AI algorithms, and social responsibility will be imperative, necessitating a holistic approach to communication strategies that prioritize authenticity, transparency, and societal impact. Enhanced interpersonal skills, empathy, and the ability to navigate diverse cultural landscapes will remain foundational, fostering meaningful connections and trust in an era where human-centric communication is paramount. Communication schools need to revise their curricula, learning pedagogies and continuing education programs to develop such dynamic skill sets among current and future communication professionals.

*Jaffri Amin Osman MIPR, APR, FELLOW (Malaysia):* Through Visual Messaging, AI & Data, the world of PR will soar higher in 2024. Crafting and tying impactful messages with targeted storytelling will raise intangibles way beyond empathy and ethics – LOVE will indeed conquer all!

*Irene G. Lungu (Zambia):* PR will continue playing an important role in 2024. Supporting various processes at national and international levels. The democratic processes prevalent in many societies motivate individuals and the public in general to demand for information to aid decision making. Communicators will be challenged to adapt to the ever changing demands for timely and accurate information particularly in the wake of social media which presents ‘quick’ information. The need for credible information will remain an important factor for many and Communicators will therefore be required to respond to demands for information more swiftly.

My Nguyen Koa (Vietnam): The year of 2024 continues seeing verbal wars over geo-political conflicts across continents. Questions have been asked whether truths lie under the rubbles and damages caused by deadly shelling or are dictated by propaganda superpowers. Responsible communications has been proposed to the UN to be established as a new sustainable development goal – and this should be pursued until it becomes a reality. We have little chances to live in a world of peace and civilization as long as double standards are still being applied and Earth will become a better place to live once humankind can hear more than one single echo of truths.

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