The U.S. State Department Finally Cheers Nigeria’s Victory
    -Attorney Patryk Utulu

    The Military tide has finally and indisputably turned for the Nigerian troops and civilian leadership as dozens of Boko Haram terrorists are destroyed in Adamawa State, with hundreds wounded, captured and on the run for dear life. Significantly Nigerian troops have smashed Boko Haram camps and operation networks in and around Adamawa and ejected the terrorists from Madagali town and villages within the larger local government area.

    An embedded source also confirmed that Nigerian troops are searching, killing and mopping up Boko Haramites who tried to take refuge around Michika, Gwoza Local Government Area, nearby villages and Askira uba.
    It also appeared that the first time Boko Haram have limited avenues for escape. With Nigerian troops in hot pursuit, the armies of Chad and Niger Republic spreading out and pressing from Northeast Cameroonian troops are maintaining tight formation along stretches of the Cameroon-Nigerian border to deny the terrorists their usual escape route back into Cameroon.

    A top U.S. State Department admitted to a Senate Committee in closed session that the U.S. has “firm evidence to confirm that Nigeria is steadily gaining the upper hand against the militants and we conveyed our support to the military progress and the civilian leadership.”

    Also, it is no longer a secret that Intensive negotiations are taking place between U.S. officials and interlocutors for Nigeria for the U.S. to quickly lift the arms embargo on Nigeria, or as in interim measure, remove the threat of sanctions to enable South Africa, as Africa’s sole arms exporter to immediately resume arms supply to Nigeria under the existing terms of agreement which South Africa suspended due to threat of U.S. sanctions.

    There is also strong indication that South Africa is readying itself to start re-supplying Nigeria. First, South Africa is refusing to reveal its list of arms purchasers as it has done for over a decade. As one of the only three exporters in Africa and the Middle East (others are Israel and Iran) South Africa’s highly advanced arms are much sort after. Second, South Africa supplies 58 nations the top purchasers being: Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Cameroon, Angola, Libya, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Chad, Algeria and Colombia, South Africa is probably arguing with the U.S. that Nigeria has a much cleaner human rights record than many of these nations.

    Fellow Nigerians: War is never won overnight (not by USA or by Russia or India) so Nigerians must persevere, and support our troops. The darkest hours come before daylight and our troops are bringing flickers of daylight

    Thank you, brave Nigerians troops
    Congratulations, patriotic Nigerians

    Attorney Patryk A. Utulu
    U.S.-based Attorney & Strategic Communications Specialist
    Global Defense Analyst and Global Events Commentator
    Executive Vice President, Nigerian Diaspora-North America
    Executive Director, The Center 4 Community Empowerment & Lifeskills, Inc
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