1. Perhaps military commanders should be given extra incentives to encourage them go for the leadership cadre of Boko Haram. That way, the the blood stream of the sect would gradually be blocked and in extreme cases, we could use them as a bargaining chip to free the Chibock girls.

    The arm of government responsible for awareness must device a campaign programme to educate the public on security issues. For example, what should a commuter on a bus do should they find bulky items like bags and boxes left unattended on the bus? What should the driver of the bus do immediately after discovering such items? What should be done when a stranger who is acting suspiciously arrives in our community? The local governments should be the prime targets for this campaign. The local chiefs must be carried along as well. Even though all is fair in war, there must be due process applied to every case where an arrest is made and the police must be involved at all times. We are in a war situation o…


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