1. May God bless GEJ for promoting the Nigerian auto industry! And may God bless Mr Innocent Chukwuma for his love for R&D and increase his ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit. I strongly believe that if the dysfunctional anti-landmines given to Nigeria by the US are taken to IVM they would never return to the Nigerian Army the same; IVM would do to it what the Chinese Commercial Aircraft Corporation COMAC) did to BOEING and AIRBUS after they could not get manufacturing help from the West. If the present government should build on the enhanced auto policy of Jonathan, we would be fine as a people. If today’s governments, states and federal alike could patronise Innoson at least as much as Anambra, Enugu, Imo and the FG did in the last dispensation, I believe IVM would do a lot better and take Nigeria beyond the sky.

    The world powers would tell you that government has no business being in business, but it is a big lie. They have all the protections you can ever imagine for their local and national companies/corporations and do not really want the developing countries to develop, especially the manufacturing sector. Think about it; if there were appropriate support and enabling environments to local industries, what else would they need? How can the government of a country where electric transformers are assembles/ manufactured award import contracts to business organisations for the same or even lower quality transformers from Europe and Asia? Why is it that electric metres used in Nigeria cannot be produced/assembled in Nigeria? Why can’t there be a law that would ensure that at least 70% of all POS and DDC machines used in the country are locally produced/ assembled. These are pretty much grey areas that government must touch in our quest for development.


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