1. We are not stupid Mr whatever ur name is. The world is watching you all. This is a Move to empower Sworn ISIS Members by their APC sponsors. How can you compare the Niger Delta Militants to Boko Haram aka ISIS? Did the NDM blow up mosques and commit genocide against a particular Tribe and Religious group? Who do you all think you are fooling? You did this in 1966-1969 masquerade the people of South Eastern Nigeria in the name of Civil war for a people that choose to decide their own destiny for themselves. Now you come with deception to Re-integrate Mass Murderers I to society to do more Havoc?

  2. This is absolute rubish. You mean these murderous thugs that killed thousands of innocent women and children gets to escape prison sentences for their crimes ? Where is justice or is this a Hausa/Fulani thing. Where is the outrage and protests from the NGOs ?They need to be punished for their crimes then rehabilitated. I am in a state is shock to read this nonsense. Who decided these killers must be set free without punishment . If it’s Buhari, he will pay dearly at the next poll in 2019.

  3. I agree totally with the above commentator. Nigerian governments, aware of the plural nature of the society, are ever making suggestions and taking actions that continually malign Nigeria’s diverse social setup. This is a core reason why we are not at peace with one another, and have always survived on crisis since 1966. If the support of Nigerians was sought and was considered a requirement for the successful prosecution of the war against Boko Haram, then why make such a critical decision that could affect their lives without carrying them along? This article suggests to me that the Nigerian government is, again, caught in a “haste” to sweep aside another important part of its history at the expense of justice. If this plan is followed through, all it would succeed in creating is, as usual, a deepening of the climate of mistrust and a widening sense of apartheid that exists in the hearts of Nigerians. Please come up with a better, balanced idea that would give Nigerians across the board the assurance that everyone’s need has been addressed by CENTRAL government. That is what it takes to govern a plural society such as ours…


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