armed bandits, Kidnappers
armed bandits, Kidnappers

Attackers on the Prowl in North West, Dare Soldiers – Katsina Publisher

Taskar Labarai is an independent Online newspaper accessible on, wab page. The papers focuses seriously on issues of security, bribery and corruption, obedience to law and order and sustainable democracy.

We are the leading newspaper in the country that covers the issues of kidnapping and cattle rustling bedeviling Katsina, Zamfara, Kaduna and Sokoto States.

The paper was able to interview some kidnapped children who were released after the payment of ransomed in Katsina state. the paper also interviewed many people whose villages were invaded by cattle rustlers in Katsina state. the paper also discussed with some Fulanis and people who know the terrains of Rugu Forest which borders Katsina, Zamfara, Kaduna and Sokoto State.

The paper has correspondents and contacts who send report on any attack from anywhere in Katsina state, sometimes reports reach us at time of fire exchange with the attackers.

The paper observes that recent attacks have shifted from cattle rustling and kidnapping to food stuff, animals, money and other valuables that could fetch money. Reliable source informed this paper that the insurgents usually come with sophisticated weapons and attack in an organized and professional manner, not as amateur bandits.

The attackers do not fear facing soldiers or police they even cause damage to troops sometimes.

Unlike attackers in the past who ran at the sight of troops, the attackers now behave differently.

Investigation conducted by the paper among eye witnesses and those affected indicate that what happens now in Rugu forest looks like some insurgents created some bases in the forest, stocking food item and money while forming some alliance with some surrounding communities in order not to interfere with their nefarious activities.

We call on relevant authorities to fully investigate the happenings and take necessary actions before it is too late.

Muhammad Danjuma
Publisher/Editor in Chief
Taskar Labarai



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