Osinbajo Meets CAN, Restates Loyalty to Almighty God
The Leadership of the Christian Association of Nigeria visited His Excellency, the Vice President of Nigeria, yesterday on a fact finding mission.

The delegation made up of top leaders, ladies and gentlemen representing all of the five blocks of CAN was led by the National President, Dr Samson Supo Ayokunle.

The decision to visit the VP was as a result of several rumors circulating in both the print and electronic media on issues impugning on the integrity of the Vice President.

This decision was premised on two grounds, first, that prior to his foray into politics, the VP was and remains a Clergyman like many of the CAN leadership.

Secondly, we are enjoined by the Scriptures to verify every statement and stand with the truth. It was appropriate to get first hand information from the VP before drawing any conclusions on the allegations against him.

The meeting started few minutes after 2pm. After a session of prayers and exchange of greetings and pleasantries, the delegates introduced themselves individually.

The CAN President in his opening address declared our mission and the reasons for the visit.

In his response, the VP was very appreciative of the decision of the Nigerian Church leaders to visit him, a meeting he described as being between brothers and sisters of the same family.

He declared that as a Christian in position of authority, his loyalty and commitment goes first to the Almighty God, the Creator of heaven and earth.

He gave a brief history of how he became the VP and attributed it to divine providence and plan. In particular he mentioned the role played by two people who are very dear to him. These were his wife and his Father in the Lord, Pastor Adeboye of the RCCG. He needed their approval before accepting the offer and they encouraged him to go ahead.

He posited that he had always believed God brought him to his present position and like every plan of God, the path may not always be smooth and conflict free. He therefore saw his present ordeal in the context of this understanding.

His strong belief is that in doing God’s will, integrity is the foremost character required of him. He told us that as the Attorney General of Lagos state, he held tremendous power which he never abused. He never demanded for gratifications from anyone, nor did he collect any gifts or appreciation in cash or kind for his services as the AG of Lagos state.

He debunked all the allegations against him especially the one of misappropriating the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) and NEMA funds. He challenged his Accusers to show the evidence against him and as a proof of his innocence he was ready to waive his constitutional immunity to allow a transparent and independent investigation. He believed his Accusers are mere surrogates of elements within the society who saw him as either a threat or a stumbling block to their scheming for relevance and ambitions towards the 2023 elections.

He is confident that he will triumph over his adversaries and that the Lord Almighty whom he trusted would keep and protect him.

He mentioned a particular incidence where a Senior citizen commended him for his loyalty to President Buhari, to which he replied that he derived his strength first from his loyalty to the Lord God Almighty. He also informed us that in private, he was always bold to tell Mr President his opinions and stands on several issues, but out of respect and deference to his Principal, he would never say such things publicly.

The meeting ended with a closing prayer, benediction, and group photographs.

I jokingly remarked that, since, I and the Vice President were the only two Professors in the meeting, we needed to have a Professorial handshake and photograph together, to which he smilingly acquiesced.

Prof Charles Adeyinka Adisa
National President, Nigeria Christian Graduate Fellowship