Abubakar Malami, SAN, Minister of Justice

The Honourable Attorney-General of the Federation and Minister of Justice (HAGF), Abubakar Malami, SAN has assured of Nigeria’s support and cooperation to the Institute of Law Development Centre, Uganda to improve in its Legal Profession.

The HAGF made this known when a delegation of the Law Development Centre Management Committee paid a courtesy call to the Ministry.

The delegation led by Lady Justice Stella Arech Amoko,  Justice of Ugandan Supreme Court and Chairperson of the Committee were on a mission to Nigeria to learn best law practices and upgrade their legal Profession to a better standard.

The HAGF promised to support the delegation to understand the Legal System through the Nigerian Law School. He  explained that, “when you talk of learning in planning, we stand as a nation to learn from each party and that make collaboration a fundamental, and success undertone if indeed this visit will translate into success”.

Malami believed that the confidence placed in Nigeria and her support system is not misplaced, noting that it is a decision because of the development Nigeria has undergone with Particular reference to Institutions, Policies etc.

‘’Our experience as a nation in terms of law and legal development is peculiar but the major undertone is to rise to the success which is rooted in legislation. So the starting point is for you to consider the possibility of acquiring the relevant legislation that constitutes the legal frame work of the basis operated as a nation,’’ HAGF explained.

According to Malami, “Nigeria Law School is an institution established by law which started as a single campus in Lagos and with manifesting challenges of increase in population, it called for decentralization. A legislation came in as well, which brought about additional campuses over time, thereby laying a legality of whatever related and made the expansion to multiple campuses”.

Earlier, Uganda’s Justice of the Supreme Court and Chairperson of the Committee, Lady Justice Mary Stella Arech Amoko in her brief address explained that they are on learning, information sharing and fact- finding mission to Nigeria.

Arech Amoko disclosed that Nigeria and Uganda has a long history. She explained that the first Attorney-General after Independence was a Nigerian, by name Sir Udo Udoma who left a record with a Portrait in the library. She explained that the Committee were in Nigeria to learn a few things from Nigeria. She added that the Institute, Law Development Center was established with the Act of Parliament with main purpose to train lawyers so that they could get the Upper or the Diploma in their profession which is equivalent to Nigeria Law School.

She said, ‘’the number of students kept increasing because the numbers of our university that are offering law keep increasing. I think is the same case here in Nigeria. So as a result, the facilities are getting stretched and the Lecturers are not enough and the funding is not enough’’, Uganda’s Justice of the Supreme Court.

She noted that before one gains admission, a pre-examination would be written after the LLB, but that is scribed and anyone who has an LLB will automatically join the Institution, because of the large number of students.

She thanked the Director General, Nigerian Law School, Professor Isa Kayatu Chiroma for warm welcome to the law school , adding that he told them the over view of the school, as they visited the Library and also witnessed the student been grilled by external examiners

Arech Amoko noted that they were quiet impressed with the size of the Institution, while commending the DG for his wonderful and diligent work in the school.

The Director General, Nigeria Law School Professor Isa Kayatu Chiroma in his brief remarks thanked the HAGF for his warm welcome and assured his utmost assistance.

The Chairperson of the 9-men delegation, Justice Mary Stella Arech Amoko presented a plaque to the HAGF while in return the HAG did same to her.


Ogundoro Modupe

For: Deputy Director (Information)