Boko Haram Attacked
Boko Haram Attacked

Boko Haram: CISA Makes Case for ‘Traumatised Soldiers’, Cautions against Extra-Judicial Killings
Amid reactions from the general public over the recent killings of suspected Boko Haram fighters by Nigerian soldiers, PRNigeria gathered that those killed in viral videos were members of the dreaded slaughter gang of the sect who derived joy in dismembering their captured victims.

The insurgents also belong to a terror gang which specializes in abducting and raping innocent female victims including pregnant women.

Just recently, a member of the gang who was caught by troops in Borno, confessed in the participation of stripping of female security personnel naked before skinning the victims alive.

But in the wake of the reaction from some quarters of the brutal killing of Boko Haram fighters, a civil social group Citizens’ Initiative for Security Awareness (CISA) said the killing of the terrorists is nothing compared to the barbaric and murderous activities of Boko Haram fighter.

In a statement signed by National Coordinator, Chidi Omeje and North-East Coordinator, Aliyu Ibrahim,

He said Boko Haram have not only killed troops of the Army and launched attacked military bases, but have also killed and attacked innocent civilians.

The group emphasized the need for the military to conduct psychiatrist test for traumatized soldiers as part of healing their emotional scars after witnessing the death and recovery of their compatriots in the North-East.

The statement reads; “Citizens’ Initiative for Security Awareness (CISA) urges caution and introspection in handling the trending video purportedly showing personnel of the Nigerian Army engaging in extra-judicial killing of a suspected Boko Haram terrorist.
“As condemnable as what was displayed in the video is, CISA believes that apart from denouncing the action of the soldiers for ‘displaying unprofessional conduct’, it also calls for a thorough understanding of the psychology of the soldiers that were caught on tape.

“While not in any conceivable way endorsing the action of the said soldiers, CISA believes that a closer look at the dynamics and trajectory of the battle against Boko Haram terrorists in the NE, will reveal a consistent brutal assault on the psychology of our fighting forces by the mindless, blood-thirsty Boko Haram terrorist who are not restrained by any law or convention in their conduct. Troops deployed to theater of battle in NE have had to endure the sight of unspeakable ruthlessness meted to their captured colleagues and even civilians by the Boko Haram elements.

“To a large extent, the circulation of gory pictures and videos of decapitated Nigerian soldiers especially on foreign media platforms has more or less become a tool of psychological torture often deployed by the terrorists against our fighting forces. In some way, the soldiers being human and exposed to such constant abuse, are likely to force the same bitter pill down the throat of their adversary. That might run counter to their professionalism but that is the underlying psychology behind the unacceptable action.

“As a professional institution that is guided by rules of engagement and ethics of the job, the Nigerian Army has never hidden its aversion to extra-judicial actions such as was shown in the video. It is therefore good enough that the authorities of the NA have come to openly dissociate itself from the unprofessional act and promised to thoroughly investigate the video with the aim of sanctioning the perpetrators.

“While commending the military authority for their prompt denunciation of the unacceptable act, CISA also suggest that it should consider stamping its feet against the use of smart phones by unauthorized persons at the theater of operation. This will ensure a proper control of information and communication from the theatre. Finally, CISA urges Nigerians, especially the media, to provide support t to the Nigerian military in their determined effort to rid Nigeria of terrorists, militias, bandits and sundry criminality.”

Meanwhile, the Army Spokesperson,  Colonel Sagir Musa in his reaction to the gory image condemned the action of soldiers in the brutal killing of Boko Haram fighters, describing it as unacceptable, unethical and against the core values of the Nigerian Army.

Col. Musa disclosed that the Rules of Engagement and Standing Operating Procedures guiding the conduct of the army’s operations strongly abhor human rights abuses and extrajudicial actions including the rights of the arrested, captured terrorists and combatants.

He noted that the Chief of Army Staff General Tukur Buratai had ordered commencement of thorough investigation to apprehend the culprits with the aim to punish them in accordance with the extant military justice system.

By PRNigeria