My Remark on Official Cars Quoted out of Context — Hon. Doguwa

The attention of the office of Rt. Hon. Alhassan Ado Doguwa (former House leader, House of Reps) has been drawn to an online media report, saying the former member has received 3 official cars from the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

We wish to therefore categorically set the record clear viz:

1. That it is true Hon. Alhassan Doguwa had recently hosted party supporters and other well-wishers, who trooped to register their sympathy over the recent court verdict that ordered for a fresh election in Doguwa/Tudun-wada federal constituency.

2. That it is also known that during such visits, some of the visitors recorded the events and shared the short, disjointed clips on social media platforms.

3. That the story did not capture the true context of Hon. Doguwa’s remark

4. That it is on record that no principal officer, serving or non-serving, was allocated any vehicle yet by the House.

Therefore, to say that the former member collected official vehicles during this transition period was out of place, derogatory, and wild machinations from political opponents to smear his name.

5. That as a law-abiding citizen, Hon. Alhassan would never indulge himself in any action that could undermine the honour and esteem of the House as well as the sanctity of the rule of law.

6. That it is a fact that Hon. Alhassan Doguwa enjoys tremendous respect and good rapport with his honourable colleagues, the Speaker, the leadership of the house, and the media, and he wishes that to remain intact.

Whilst he prays that the rerun election would, inshaa Allah, prove him victorious again, the former House leader calls on political actors to desist from taking actions that could unnecessarily overheat the polity.


Hassan Inuwa
For: Hon. Alhassan Doguwa Media Office