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How Suspect Slumped in Presence of Police Chief- Spokesperson
The attention of the Ondo State Police Command has been drawn to yet another quack, amateurish and irresponsible online journalism by someone who claimed to be writing for “The Hope Metro” wherein she Stated that two men died in Ondo Police Custody.

Ordinarily, the Command would have treated this spurious and mendacious story with a wave of hand but for the wrong impression it will send to the reading public. To set the record straight, no suspect died in our custody.

However, an alleged suspect in the case of stealing was invited with his other accomplices to the office of the Deputy Commissioner of police in charge of Investigation few days ago.

As the Deputy Commissioner was being briefed about the case with all the parties present, one of the alleged suspects slumped. He was rushed to the hospital where he was confirmed dead.

The case had not even been assigned to any officer for investigation hence the issue of any suspect being detained leading to his death in custody did not arise at all.

The result of the post-mortem examination is still being awaited. This is the true story. Instead of this motor park journalist who has a penchant for churning out fake stories, but also has unhindered access to the ppro and even the commissioner of police, to contact either of these senior officers for clarifications, she decided to publish what she wanted, perhaps she thought that could earn her any award or accolade.

As it turned out unfortunately, she has only succeeded in exposing, denigrating and demeaning herself as some of her genuine Colleagues who got the true story have even lampooned her for doing a shoddy job. She has shown herself as nothing but a half-baked, a ragtag and of course a gatecrasher into this noble profession of journalism.

We Salute the ever vibrant educated and investigative members of the pen profession within the state and beyond who took the pains to call for clarifications.

The Command will continue to partner with the media to ensure that adequate security is provided for the good people of Ondo State.

Femi Joseph
ppro Ondo State command.