Covid-19: Kwara Gov Grants Amnesty to 147 Prison Inmates


Sequel to the presidential directives via the Hon. Attorney General and Minister of Justice, on the containment of the covid-19 pandemic in Nigerian Custodial centres across the country, the kwara state Chief Judge, Hon. Justice Kawu Durosinloun Esq after due consultation with the state governor embark on a custodial center visit today 6th of May, 2020.
He Ordered the release of additional 46 inmates in the Custodial facilities in the state.

In the Old Ilorin Custodial Center okekura 15 inmates were released outrightly and 23 are to be released on bail while in the newh Ilorin Custodial centre mandala.
3 inmates were released outrightly and 5 are to be realesed on Bail and token amount of money was handed over to each of the released Inmates.
The CJ, made it known that the Inmate released are low risk offenders with minor offenses, he warned those to be realesed on bail not to attempt to abscond from Justice and to attend all court sittings. He admolished the released Inmates to turn a new leaf and contribute there quota towards the development of the society.
On appreciation note, the Controller of Corrections in the state Mr, Adebisi Adewale Francis on behalf of the Controller General of Corrections Alhaji Ja’afaru Ahmed thanked the State Chief Justice and his team for the kind gesture.

In a nutshell, Kwara State Government has magnanimously released a total number of 147 inmate in the state custodial facility.

Please see below, the previous release

Covid-19: Kwara Gov Grants Amnesty to 101 Prison Inmates

The Kwara State Governor, His Excellency Mallam Abdulrahman Abdulrazak today 1st of may, 2020 granted amnesty to one hundred and one inmates of the Nigerian Correcional Service in the state as part of the measures taken by His Excellency, to decongest the Correctional facilities across the state, during this covid-19 pandemic.

A break down of the amnesty in the four custodial Centers across the state are as follows.

A. 83 Inmate are released outrightly
B. i. 31 Inmate released from the old Ilorin custodial centre okekura
ii. 51 Inmate were released from the New Ilorin custodial center mandala
iii. 1 inmate was realesed from the lafiagi custodial farm centre

C. 2 Inmate sentenced to 10 years imprisonment was reduced to 8 years.

D. 16 Condemned Inmates was committed to life Imprisonment.
The inmates were released to reunite with there families.

The Controller of Corrections in the state of Harmony here in Kwara, Mr. Adebisi Adewale Francis, made it known that the inmates realesed, are those who have less than three years to serve and are of good conduct, those who have served 75% of there sentences, low risk offenders and those suffering from ill health. He admolished the released Inmates to be of good conduct, and to inmbibe good virtuous and to abide by the sociatal norms, now that the state has shown mercy on them. Since they might not be priveledged to have the second chance if otherwise.
While On his appreciate note, he used the medium on behalf of the controller General of Corrections Alhaji Ja’afaru Ahmed to register his unalloyed support to the governor for his good gesture and for the provision of palliative materials to both the staff and inmates in the command.


Adegbulugbe Philip O (DSC)
Kwara command Correctional Public Relations Officer