Jaafaru Ahmed CG Nigerian Correctional Service NCos Prison
Jaafaru Ahmed CG Nigerian Correctional Service NCos Prison

NCoS Exposes Antics of Fake Prison Service Contractors

It has come to the knowledge of the management of the Nigerian Correctional Service that a syndicate headed by one Anthony Wemah with phone number 0806-950-2955 (and also known with other names and numbers) has been parading himself as ration and gas Contract agent for the Nigerian Correctional Service, deceiving unsuspecting members of the public and collecting monies for the purpose of securing ration and gas Contract for potential contractors.

Members of the public are hereby informed that:

1. There is no officer or person in the Nigerian Correctional Service with the Name CP Anthony Wemah as purported in the social media story circulating on ration and gas contract scam;

2. The Service follow the standard contract award process as laid down by the Bureau for Public Procurement Act.

3. The Service does not use agent(s), syndicate(s), private individuals nor receive financial inducement for the purposes;

4. The Service dissociates itself totally from such illicit dealings and members of the public are advised to disregard entreaties from such groups/individual as they are fraudsters;

5. Anyone who wishes to get ration contracts will have to tender when the contracts are advertised in both National dallies and Federal Tender Journal, then the qualified companies will be selected through procurement procedures;

6. List of qualified contractors will be published in the service notice board for appropriate documentation before the award letters will be issued;

7. The Service hereby call on the Public to have nothing to with any individual, agents or syndicate by procuring contract registration forms or paying any sum of money to the same. All payments for contracts are usually made through remita to government chest.

Chuks Austin NJOKU
Deputy Controller of Corrections
Public Relations Officer