Code of Conduct Tribunal strikes out charges against 9 CBN Staff

CCT Chairman Danladi Umar
CCT Chairman Danladi Umar


The Code of Conduct Tribunal has in its Thursday November 27, 2014 sitting in Abuja stroke out charges against nine staff of the Gombe State Office of the Central Bank of Nigeria on alleged non-declaration of their assets.


While delivering his ruling in Abuja, the Chairman of the Code of Conduct Tribunal, Danladi Yakubu Umar (Justice) assisted by two other panellists Agwadza Williams Atedze and Robert I. E. Odu (Justices) stated that in view of the application made by the prosecution, the tribunal has knocked out the charges against all the accused persons.


During the sitting, the Prosecuting Counsel led by Munirat Elabor reminded the Tribunal that on the last adjourned date, the Tribunal was informed about a letter from the Code of Conduct Bureau, Gombe Office, indicating that all the accused persons were charged in error. The Counsel also appealed for the withdrawal of the charges.


“The letter dated November 24, 2014 from the Gombe State Office of the Code of Conduct Bureau demanded the Tribunal to drop the charges against the nine officers from Central Bank of Nigeria in Gombe. The letter was signed by Amana F. Panyi, the State Director of the Code of Conduct Bureau in Gombe State,” the Prosecuting Counsel stated.


Ibraheem Al-hassan,

Head, Press & Public Relations,

Code of Conduct Tribunal.

December 1, 2014




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