1. Please, General Olukolade, I’m right now definitely on my knees in begging you sir; to always say the ‘clear and open truths’ becuase in our modern world of computer age, you should be fully well aware that no piece of information platform can be surpressed or hidden under any form of guise in the current 21st century IT supper-high way world. Any type of news Information about any events, as well as no matter how difficult it may be to obtain any form of piece of news information item(s), there are other countries or other sources to come by them, for example, like the French speaking countries TV channels or USA sides, they can report any such hidden events. So, General Olukolade do try to be always factual and accurate in all of your reporting. Past history has proven so much of your inaccurate reporting news; as for example, the killings of Abubakar Shekeu which did turn out to be inaccurate at a later date. So too, about news of our soldiers running away from duty post in the face of Boko Haram advances, that was not reported by your office but from other sources. Another thing again here, is about those our soldiers that were recently condemed to death for desertion or ascormment from duty and fighting BK. Please, do ask our higher level army chiefs to consider to tempers justice with mercy on those 12 and 54 soldiers. In fact, honestly, it appears to me that these condemed soldiers has now paid a supreme price for alerting Nigerians that there are no adequate weapons to fight boko haram deadly group, and also did exposes a deeper high level corruptions over the years in the entire Nigeria defence’s highest budgets as far back as during Alhaji Shagari’s administration 1979 -1983 time and up to date under President Jonathan Obele Goodluck,(Bad Luck) and “Dr Do nothing Nigeria president.”


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