1. Brovado!! to our troops and may almighty God continue to be with them for their ultimate sacrifices that they are putting up with into bring total sanity back to Nigeria’s Norh-East region. However, may I seize the opportunity here in appealing to higher level Army Chiefs and top commanders that they should stops deducting some money from these hard-working lower rang soldiers salaries for themselves, and try provides better living accomodations to all soldiers. In addition, higher level army’s top bosses should always be mindful of a fair rostering duty for each serving men and women soldiers for at least allowing regular visits of serving men and women to visit their families from time to time. As also, should endeavour to be according a full military honour parade burial to any fellen soldiers resulting from death or casualties suffers whilst confronting Boko Haram militants. Like I said, well done to our gallants Nigeria troups, and may God almighty continue to be with them everyday in their present difficult times while confronting these crazy Bok Haram sects, Amen.


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