Nigerian Troops after recapturing Baga in 2015
Nigerian Troops after recapturing Baga in 2015
Next of Kins Receive Special Assistance
Two battalions of the Nigerian Army are currently undergoing training and will soon be inducted into the theatre of war against terrorists in addition to personnel of the 151 battalion which has already completed its training and are helping to defeat the insurgents in the North East.
Acting Director of Army Public Relations, Col. Sani Kukasheka Usman who spoke at monthly Army Media Briefing in Abuja also disclosed that “within the last month, 481 personnel of the Armed Forces Special Forces which comprises personnel of the Army, Navy, Air Force and Police have completed their training and inducted in to the theatre of operations within 7 Division Area of Responsibility.  Recent achievements recorded in the North East can be attributed to the exploits of this elite force.”
Yet again, “Army Headquarters Task Force Group is currently in the last phase of their training while Nigerian Army Armoured School, Bauchi has intensified training of Tank Crew personnel”, Kukasheka said while noting that “personnel training on Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) in the United Kingdom and United States are ongoing.”
He attributed recent successes recorded in operations against terrorists in the North East and indeed other operations within the country to the infusion of these specially trained personnel and are manifestations of Nigerian Army’s huge investment in human and material resources within the period.
The Army Spokesman told his audience that the Nigerian Army Administrative Policies and Procedures have last reviewed in 2005 has recently been reviewed to be in line with current and future realities.
“To ease the problems associated with retiring Nigerian Army officers, a one-stop documentation procedure was devised recently. An office of the Deputy Director Retirement and Documentation was established at the Army Headquarters Department of Administration with a 90 day time line of documenting and processing retiring officers’ benefits.
“Similarly, a system of annual update of Nigerian Army personnel Next-of-Kins has been devised.  This is intended to eliminate the hardship hitherto experienced by families and in particular, the Next-of-Kins of our fallen colleagues.
In April, 20 next-of-kins received cheques for payment of Group Life Insurance entitled to them while a total of 235 next-of-kins benefitted from the special assistance by the office of the National Security Adviser.
Similarly, over 2000 children of deceased personnel were screened and passed for NA scholarship for 2014/2015 academic session.  Furthermore, up to 20 families have also benefitted from the official burial expenses within the last month in addition to the Chief of Army Staff’s token which was intended to provide immediate succour to the families.
Usman also noted that two separate Court Martial’s are currently ongoing at the Army Headquarters Garrison and 81 Division Nigerian Army with a view to ensuring quick dispensation of justice, discipline and professionalism.
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  1. If the last military policy review was in 2005, one is forced to ask why it took Boko Haram insurgency to prompt a review. One is also forced to conclude that the whole Defense HQ needs to be revamped by President-elect Gen. Buhari. Too many things have been neglected and omitted to the point of dereliction of duty and incompetency. It is equally shocking the Nigerian Army has no modern mine sweepers in service. As a lay man I’m, forced to ask what qualifies all the generals to occupy such lofty positions in the army hq.? If you add corruption and embezzlement by the top brass in the military, the picture becomes clearer why the changes must start from the Military HQ.


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