1. Is that the end of his life?
    What is to be done next by the government in connection with lost soul?
    Does our government values our souls as nigerian citizens?
    Is his death natural?
    Has the president started fighting corruption, per see, or is the present operations of EFCC not the evil immagination of the ‘fifth columists’ in the goverment, who are to revenge and intimmidate nigerian citizen and to the detriment of the present administration, on the long run?
    PMB needs to examine and consider these facts as a matter of urgency, so that history will not repeat itself as it was done during his first short coming, so many innocent nigerians were intimedated and hewed into prison, a man, late Umaru Diko was crated, in attempt to be smuggled out of UK before he was rescued from that babaric act at Heathrow Airport by the UK immigration Department. The President told us years later in ‘Tell Magazine’ that it was the handiwork of the ‘fifth columist’.
    It will be of benefit to PMB and nigerians at large if he his vigilant enough to curb the activities of the psychophants and overzealous aids and within his party. No matter what, some of them will not want him to suceed.


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