1. So good to learn that the Nigerian Police and Navy now recognize each other as equal stakeholders in the Nigerian project and are poised to work together. The members may be many, but the aim or purpose is the same.

    I would advice the New Navy Chief to please get his lieutenants together around a table to craft out a workable solution towards eradicating oil theft and bunkering from our shores. The Army in cooperation with the Air Force is delivering at Sambisa Forest and Nigerians are beginning to believe in the efficacy of the campaign. This is because they actually sat down to map out a clear plan. I expect the Nigerian Navy to do same in the case of oil theft and bunkering. These crimes against the nation on our shores must end before December 31, 2015, otherwise Nigerians would have no other choice than believe that top-ranking naval officers are compromised in this war, or that the recently rusticated reactionary politicians only lost control of Aso Rock but are still in charge of our oil bunkering…


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