1. The Nigeria Military are now actively live, many thanks to our great messiah Baba Mohammadu Buhari and General T.Brurutai astute military professional. How I so wish that Baba M.Buhari started his presidency in way back 1999 than Gen.Obasanjo, Nigeria today would have been a far more better place to call a “peaceful home” In fact, the thoughts of;”you are a muslim or you are Christian” among Nigerians of today will not/never had arise at all. I was a little boy when I remember Baba Buhari as a colonel then in my father Army Garrison in Kaduna and Jimeta-Yola; today’s Adamawa state, caved out from Gongola state, back in those old days, he was a no-nosense and always upright and transparant handsome youngman army officer. A lots of friends of peers often look up to him as a team leader. Today I thank Allah/God with his infinte mercy that Baba Buhari is alive and the president of our “Great fatherland, Nigeria”. He picked general T.Burutai to lead the army, which a great choice and Allah/God choice too. Very soon Boko Haram will be a thing of the past. I am calling all meaning Nigerians to put Baba Buhari in prayers day and night for him to remain strongest and to steer our country to the promised expectations for all Nigerians. We all know that not every Nigerians voted him but be sure that Baba Buhari is the Messiah we all praying for and a man to starts with in the repairing of our great Nigeria for everyone benefits.


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