Army Update on Gudumbali


The attention of the Theatre Command Operation Lafiya Dole was drawn to an online media publication saying troops of 157 Task Force Battalion were overran by the Boko Haram terrorists in Guzamala axis of Borno state and that several personnel were killed and several others cannot be accounted for including the Commanding Officer of the Unit.

The report also went ahead to claim that the troops loss of equipment to the terrorists.
 The Theatre Command wants to state clearly that the story is a fabrication from the imagination of those sympathetic to Boko Haram ways of life.
 Although the location of 157 Battalion was attacked last Wednesday and was subsequently repelled by the gallant troops of the Unit, the Commanding Officer of the Unit is in contact with his Brigade Commander.
 However, the unit suffers some casualties which is normal in military operations. The affected personnel sustained minor injuries but no gunshot wound was sustained by the troops.
 The number of casualty and equipment lost as being circulated is not correct. The situation was unnecessarily blown beyond proportion to give terrorists the type of propaganda they desired.
 The Theatre Commander Operation Lafiya Dole has addressed the issue and gave journalists the opportunity to  ask questions and clarify doubts about the Gudumbali incidence.

You are please requested to disseminate this information to the general public.

 Thanks for your continuous support.

 Colonel Tukur Ismail Gusau

Media Coordinator Operation Lafiya Dole

Kidnapped School Children

Yauri FGC Students, Kebbi
418 days 22 hours 10 minutes 28 seconds,

Baptist School Students, Kaduna
400 days 23 hours 51 minutes 53 seconds

Tegina Islamiya Pupils, Niger (Freed)
Spent 88 days from May 30, 2021 - August 26, 2021

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  1. Col. Tukur Ismail, I am hereby commending the gallantry of our men and women soldiers fighting Boko Haram evil sect insurgency, but my concerns is that L/Chad soldiers and Niger soldiers were supporters of Boko Haram, and more especially, L/Chad soldiers had claim before that they had defeated BH in Darkwa town but they failed to disclosed out Boko Haram(BH) prisoners and wounded numbers of BH. Therefore, I strongly suspects L/Chad, Niger and Cameroon conutries for giving more strengths to Boko Haram to continue their insurgency in Nigeria. The L/Chad president Idris Derbey was once a militia and insurgence fighter against former L/Chad president Huseine Heberie, now facing ICC case in Senegal, and General M. Buhari was a GOC in Jos and Maiduguri garrisons and did fought hard against President Idris Derbey militia activities beween Nigeria and L/Chad boarders, and did even succeeded in chasing him away and his militia soldiers to L/chad capital and dealt a big blow to his Militia soldiers in the 1980s. So, these Boko Haram were Idris Derbey militia men now taking a revenge against Nigeria. So, Boko Haram’s leader is staying inside L/Chad country. So, the president M.Buhari should face up to L/Chad and cameroon in order to produce him-(Abubakar Shekue). And President Paul Biya who also is bent in making part of Bakassi territory to be part of Cameroon is also helping them in-directly. That is why these three countries: L/Chad, Niger and Cameroon actual bought arms from the Black market arms seller and were supply by a french speaking citizen who is an arms dealer. Before, Boko Haram started their deadly insurgency, arms was dropped in Libya by French arms suppliers and transported through Niger to L/Chad, where BoKo Haram got these arms to them in Fotokal in camaroon. Next, the Borno Governor is a big suspect too as he is also working for Boko Haram group, because this governor do hates christians worshippers in Borno state and in Nigeria during President Jonathan (Bad Luck) presidency, and he is using proxies to link-up with Boko Harams to carry out continue insurgency in North-east for his political gains and aim to “soaks President Buhari’s developmental yearly budget dry. That Borno governor needs to be arrest and questions thoroughly. In addition, the Nigeria military commanders should be mindful of Boko Haram using similar uniforms as used by our gallant soldiers to infetriate the whole Nigeria commands, which will portents a serious danger for dsetroying them completely. May almighty God contiune to be with our soldiers and help them to get rid of the entire Boko Haram evil sects for ever and good.


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