1. Whoever is writing such things does not yet understand the structure of the Nigerian military. Simply put, the military is like a football team comprising players from many geo-political locations of the country who’d passed rigorous tests to be acceptable for the job. If, because his colleague comes from location B, a fellow team player from geographical location A then refuses to pass the ball to him, the whole team is in danger of losing the game. The lessons from this incidence is that we now have a new group of frustrated people who are out to cause disaffection among Nigerians, by adopting tribe as a tool to achieve their aim. They will continue to fail, Amen…

  2. U putting ur entitlement in nigeria will fail u someday so, u better and have focus on what is happening in nigeria. If u think that issue like this can not happen u then know that u ar deceiving ur self. U hailing the nigeria army for what he just said were he there or u siding were u there also? so, be sure to expect anything in nigeria because unexpected can be expecting, my brother u siding the evil of nigeria is not wise enough because no smoke without fire be warn.


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