1. It baffles me each time premium times bring such ridiculous news about the military progress against Boko Haram.My question is how can 16 Boko Haram fighters attack a platoon of Nigerian Soldiers, how is it that all you recovers from these insurgents are some few bullets and an RPG when Nigerian army is supposed to be more equipped and suffisticated above and beyond these Boko Haram fighters. How did they get so close to Nigerian army location to detonate their weapons.please who is fooling who. You have removed and redeployed all Senior ranking Nigerian army soldiers of the southern part to less sensitive position and are gradually stationing your Boko Haram generals in strategic position for your future plans but be warned we are far ahead of you and your plans what ever the agenda you have will meet with the most fierce Resistance and counter measures making the Islamization agenda Dead on arrival. This is a guaranteed.


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