1. The IGP K. Idris really knew before hands that his fights against police corruption is non-starter and his projects is a big laughing jokes and also an insults to the entire Nigerians people, because majority of Nigerian police personnel were first recruited into the police force by paying bribe of huge amount of money, of about N120,000 – N230,000 also as equally too, as while serving within the police force, to get the next promotion police rank, in fact, a police officer must forks-out or pay-up N400,000 to N600,000 there about to ‘oga’ or ‘the police boss’ that’s presumable, to the state police commissioner or regional states’ Assistants IGP top police officers. Also, the IGP is well aware fully that himself was highly corrupts during his time when he was rising up the ladder through the police force ranks up to his present IGP position today. Besides, there is ‘a deadly ingrained form’ of a police corruptions that IGP himself will not stop, and that is ‘RETURNS’ must be made by each police units across the states through police commissioners and then onwards to his office as being “the bulk ends in his very office.” No wonder why that very ordinary police officers engages into doing anything in order to earns back their money that they had spent during their recruitments days. Promotions criteria today inside the entire Nigeria police establishments is by ‘FAITH RELIGION’ and that if a police officer is not a moslem faith believer then he or she will not be promoted rapidly to his or her next police promotion rank. This is the sorts of trends that is going on today in the Nigerian police force.So, until all of these proscribes corruptions forms/ills mentioned here were got rids off, only then the police IGP K. Idris will surely succeed in his today’s pretentious fights against police force corruptions various forms, just as also he should first cleans himself up first ever before those at the bottom police rank will also be clean as him.

  2. IGP K. Idris should also get rids of the portent psychological beliefs among his police force personnel of this today’s trends for seeing their police uniforms as a mode of doing business for making money and profits, and their service is no longer for saving life and property of Nigerians. Besides, all the police stations across the entire Nigeria, serious lacks office equipment and office writing materials and here are no proper record keeping for future reference in all the stations across the length and breaths of Nigeria. Also, there are deeply inadequate logistic transports vehicles available for all police service delivery to the Nigeria people as well as some elements of the police personnel often engages in criminalities and even canniving with known ‘hardest’ criminals to committing crimes purposely to earns the ‘TARGETTED FIGURE MONEY RETURNS’ to the next top ‘oga’ or ‘police boss.’ Honestly, Nigerians do not have police force, as they were only existing today as serving mostly Nigerian politicians as body guards purposes nly, today.


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