1. Colonel Sani Kukasheka Usman, Acting Director Army Public Relations spokeman will never tell the entire Nigeria populance the real truths, and also, all along he has been supplying false reporting messages ever since from day-one that he became the acting Director of Army Public relations officer. Him and the top military Chiefs were all ‘the legimatised Boko Haram secret members under President Buhari regime, who is also the grand patron of the same Boko Haram sects, as he is now heading the entire Nigeria nation state”. The Borno Governor, Gov.Shetima is the top operational head of Boko Haram, often pretending before Nigerians eyes, and if not, why he is always anxious to be cash bribing and supplying, generously, gifts to the Nigerian Army personnel fighting Boko Haram sects today, and he is often doing that just in order to be able in obtaining military’s regular secret planning against Boko Haram sects,on their behalf. This deadly BH sects are ‘sunnis parts of Islamic compositions’ as also President M.Buhari himself is a sunni brand of Islam beleiver too. So, Boko Haram will never go away being that the Nigerian Army establishment are mostly moslems and they are often do falsely making Nigerians to believe they are fighting Boko Haram they pet militia projects. Because, the majority of the Nigerian military top commanders and their services Chiefs are also fighting back by ensuring that the fights against Boko Haram should still continue due to the huge amount of money these top military commanders are making out from the huge expenditures being budgeted against Boko Haram, and this is as a result of the President M.Buhari serious Anti-Corruption war within the military establishments currently. By Simeon Nigel writing from the USA & UK.


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