1. After the arrest of these two purported Boko Haram sects devilish and daily human beings blood suckers and avent murderers suspects, and then having been interrogated thereafter, they will be later release-off to their freedom, just simply because a few of the Nigerian top military commanders do often taking it upon themselves to displays for more preferences in their Islamic beliefs consideration in which they do placed as a top priority final decisions well above and against their country’s national main interests in their lines of duty for protecting innocent Nigerians in Borno state and the whole country against BH. The military is now today were claiming to have arrested these two evil Boko Haram suspects only just for Nigerians public consumption purposes today, with Colonel Sani Kukasheka Usuman, the army public relations spokesman, disseminating his usual antics of false and packs of lies form of reporting to the entire Nigerians. Also, as usual, our President M. Buhari do often appears in Boko Haram sects’ special occasion ceremonial out fit type of dress-up of a flowing pure white gown appearance. Which obviously means then that the ‘hidden’ agenda to eliminating or kills all Nigerian Christians believers must be achieved as to no matter how long it may takes into fulfilling that objective under his nursing ‘concealed’ Islamic extremism and destructive ideological aims. Time will the entire are watching closely with deepest keen interest on Nigeria on how it is handling or managing fights against Boko Haram.

  2. I do mean, in above comment, that time will tell as being that the entire whole world and international communities are watching very closely on Nigeria as to how its military personnel are handling the fights against Boko Haram sects, ever since this deadly and human beings’ blood suckers are today classified as the most world’s deadliest and evils terrorists group, as their method of killings knows no boundaries or no compassion by them whatsoever. Boko Haram have still not yet specify exactly which particular verses or chapter from the Islamic’s Holy Book (Quran) which gave them an instruction embarks in killing spread of innocent people been created their same ‘Allah’ they often prophecies for their evil and destructive madness close to almost eight (8) years up to date.


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