AGF Urges Newly Promoted Directorate Officers In The Treasury To Uphold Discipline And Good Work Ethics

The Accountant General of the Federation, Ahmed ldris, FCNA has urged newly promoted Management Officers in the Treasury to be disciplined in their thought and actions for them to be shining examples and produce positive results especially at this period of Nigeria’s economic recession.

Mr. Idris gave this advice recently in his office, while addressing the newly promoted Directorate Cadre. He further  said officers should ensure that the lost glory in the Treasury must be restored. He therefore enjoined them to note that  the required change will start from them in the spirit of Change mantra of present administration of Mr. President.

AGF explained that if the wrong person is posted to an Office, there might be a lot of  problems in the future, stressing that there is  the need for him to give them some tips on  code of conduct and to guide on how to conduct yourselves as Treasury Officers. In his words, the AGF said” you must make sacrifices in terms of discipline and respect for our professional ethics.

He further advised them to endeavour to be free from financial embarrassment which is a serious misconduct in the Civil Service , emphasizing that if any Office is  involved in this menace, it is an automatic ticket for getting out of Service because this administration has zero tolerance for corruption. The AGF further said , ”we must be good ambassadors of Treasury Officers”, we can be made accountable even after retiring from Service.

Mr Idris  also noted that the present situation of economic recession is real and that Ghanaians  or Americans never came to Nigeria to bring recession on us. According to him,  since we put ourselves into this situation, no country will reverse it ,  he therefore  urged the newly promoted Directorate Cadre Treasury officers join hands with Federal Government  to work on getting Nigeria out of  recession as well as taking Treasury to the highest.

In their response, one of the newly promoted Directors promised that they will add value to the system to ensure that wherever they found themselves in the service of the nation, they must be dedicated, transparent and accountable in discharging their duties.

Kenechukwu N. OFFIE
Director Information.

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