1. That’s not bad for a country deeply divided along tribe and creed struggling but failing to find its bearing. Just a moment ago, we were laying the foundation stones of two “barracks” in war-ravaged Christian Southern Kaduna. On the same date and page of the media that carried the news and in order not to outdo the other, another news was featured bearing the heading “Army Council Approves 8th Division In Sokoto.” Why then should we be surprised if by morning tomorrow the West should start asking for their “fair SHARE” of the “gravy”? Meanwhile there is this “minority” no one cares or thinks about waiting to as much as catch a whiff of the aroma of a freshly cooked commonwealth broth being passed around. Standing bog-eyed and salivating over should-have meal, their collective voice is forever sounding like one in the wilderness. Indeed, there was no country. Only deceit and intrigue. We shall all see where it leads…


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