1. It is embarrassing to close the airport to the nation’a capital. Where is the management of Abuja airport? Whose responsibility is it to maintain the airstrip. Abuja terrritory or the Fed.? This shows mismanagement and lack of foresight. Demand can only increase in the future. Time to increase the number of runways. Enough excuses for every incompetence.

  2. Mr Minister, I am relieved to learn that the said work is a temporary measure. I took the time to look at ongoing work on that road recently. I can only conclude that the road will hold firm for at most 3 months if the rains delay.
    On the issue of having drivers drive safely on our roads, I wish to state that across the country, many of them still drive using the old licence they obtain from middle men. They have never been close to any licencing office nor have they taken their vehicles (and that include trailers and tankers) to a VIO’s office for scrutiny.
    We should stop introducing novel programmes we borrow from foreign lands if we cannot implement them to the letter. Tighten the screw hard at the licencing offices and stamp down on the parallel markets where fake licences are being manufactured and circulated. EVERYONE who requires a drivers license should line up before the official authority concerned and nowhere else.
    As in my days, intending drivers must be well drilled on the art of driving over a two to three months period by a certified driving school who must then present their candidate before a VIO office for both practical as well as written exams. If the candidate fails but is deemed able to drive, they should be given a provisional licence and sent back to the driving school with details for more lessons in areas of their weakness. The process must be thorough. No leakage in the system should be tolerated.
    There is no sense in mouthing to the world that government’s priority is to secure lives, when we look the other way as ill-trained drivers under the influence of drugs take to our roads and cause death and destruction.
    Nigerians are slowly becoming enlightened and are considering dragging the government before the courts as an accessory to unmitigated murder and suffering resulting from such road accidents.


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