1. TSA appears to have arrested and taken hold of the spiritual muscles of corruption in the country. This is one of the core areas we’d envisaged the struggle could target when in the early to middle 1990’s the battle for the soul of Nigeria was launched across the world on the Internet by Nigerians. Thankfully, the TSA has also stemmed the prodigal share mentality which prevailed across the three tiers of government during the reign of the PDP. Yes, despite the economic recession Nigeria is experiencing today, no thanks to the odious financial practices most members of the old political brigade engaged in for 16 years, the light is beginning to shine bright at the end of the Nigerian tunnel.
    Money meant to build and equip our schools and hospitals are suddenly showing up in the public place across the country. There are no longer safe places to hide them. Did you generate such mind-boggling amount of money in just two years? Such ill gotten wealth, and there are dozens of billions still buried away, have become toxic material to their owners.
    Finally, I am indeed impressed by the high standards of staff welfare at the OAGF. This is unlike the practice in most of our finance houses, particularly the first generation banks, who tend to overwork their staff so much the young men and women literally crash and fall asleep as soon as they arrive at the doors of their homes after a harrowing day at the office. For most of these workers, this routine goes on every day of the week with no allowances paid to them! In terms of ethics these banks are breaking all the labour laws of civilised societies, because they consider the amount of money they pay to their staff, which is actually out of proportion with the amount of time and labour they receive, as enough incentive to mortgage the health of their staff particularly those in the middle to low income bracket. Some of their workers are encouraged, even cajoled, to pass the night the office while their slave masters and mistresses are busy sleeping in their beds! That is 24 hours (not the legally stipulated 8) after they had signed on the previous morning!They are permitted(?) to dash back to their homes, freshen up and be back on duty for 9 am prompt! Interest rates on loans taken by this cadre of staff including IT engineers could attract as much as 25 to 30 per cent! At the end of the business year, bonuses shared out to this category of staff, despite the billions their employers’d declared as profits, only help to heighten their sense of self pity and insecurity. I am convinced that the activities of the men and women sitting at top management levels of these institutions should be brought under the EFCC’s and that of the Labour Ministry’s rader, if only to curb some of the ungodly practices going on there.

    It is issues such as this Nigerians expect our National Assembly members to discuss on daily basis and find answers to in the interest of those they claim to be representing. They should please concentrate on the huge work load on ground instead of tormenting us daily with those childish TV drama clips of inexperienced Dinor Melaye as he plies his ware naked in the Senate chamber.


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