Suicide Bomber evacuated
Suicide Bomber evacuated
Suicide Bomber evacuated
Suicide Bomber evacuated

Suicide Bombers Kill Civilian JTF in Borno

The Borno State Police Command has provided detail to the killing of members of Civilian JTF in cordinated attacks by suicide bombers.

Speaking at the scene of the suicide bomb attacks, the Borno state Commissioner of Police, Damian Chukwu said the attackers targeted mourners at a funeral ceremony in a village in carrying out the attacks.

He said: “Yesterday, there was a funeral here and you know where there is funeral People usually gather. So four female suicide bombers found their way into the village where one of them targeted Civilian JTF sandbag very close to Military guard location. Before they knew it, the female suicide bomber detonated the IED strapped to her body killing six Civilian JTF members and herself instantly

“The other Suicide bombers detonated their IEDs at different locations in the village killing themselves and quite number of people including more members of the security volunteer group. In all 12 Civilian JTF members lost their lives with seven villagers and the four female suicide bombers, bringing the total number of deaths to 23.

“The 23 injured persons were taken to various hospitals in Maiduguri while the dead have been evacuated,” CP Chukwu said.

He urged the public to be security conscious at all time and report suspicious objects and strangers to appropriate authorities.


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