Fulani Tiv Crisis Gboko Benue
Fulani Tiv Crisis Gboko Benue

COMMENT: Alarming Video: Suspected Tiv Youths Roast 7 Fulani Travellers in Benue

A new Online media platform, the News Digest published a story with a screaming title “VIDEO: Suspected Tiv Youths Roast 7 Fulani Travellers in Benue. The title came at a time other media were reluctant to mention the tribe or group on this gory incidence.

Surprisingly some of the media that have profiled Fulani herdsmen in most of their stories, merely refrain from mentioning any group. They rather publish “Mobs Kills Passengers in Benue,” “Youths on Rampage in Benue Kill Seven,” “Seven Passengers Killed in Gboko, Governor Imposes Curfew”

In this difficult period, it is alarming that the Media that have feasted on Fulani Herdsmen* in derogatory headlines could not muster the courage in providing similar headline on *Tiv Youths Roasts Fulani Travellers* in Benue. There should be fairness, justice and equity even in headline casting by the media.

The bottom-line is: We should be careful about how we report insecurity without being partisan and sectional. Truly, we are in a terrible period of our life. We should not all lose our common sense of demonstrating empathy, sympathy and solidarity for humanity.


The NewsDigest Story and Video Suspected Tiv Youths Roast 7 Fulani Travellers in Benue https://newsdigest.ng/news/2018/02/02/video-suspected-tiv-youths-roast-7-fulani-travellers-benue/


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