1. The NEMA BOSS is incompetent and knows nothing about disaster management. He is being used by the former SGF, Osibanjo and others to steal government money.

    A NEMA staff complained bitterly that since the man joined the agency, nothing was working again. The paradigm shift of the agency on disaster mitigation is now a thing of the past. The agency is now back to NERA (National Emergency Relief Agency) Era, they now wait for disaster to occur and then relief given. The more relief approvals, the more money to be stolen.

    NEMA staff have also been told that there is nothing like overtime. Once it’s 4pm, work closes, if an emergency or disaster occur after 4pm, no response by the agency until the next day by 8am when work resume. Running cost giving to Zones and operation offices were reduced to 250k per quarter to pay electric bills, fuel vehicles, buy water, general maintenance etc, what can that do while the DG office get 500k monthly for refreshments alone.

    The DG once traveled for a one month course abroad, spent 4 days and came back yet he collected his full one month estacode.

    The DG kept promising the hungry staff that take barely 50k a month for a level 8 step 2 officer that he is working towards ensuring their salary is upgraded but they say they don’t trust him and some internal investigation by us in the office in charge of civil service salary showed he was not doing anything towards the salary upgrade of the staff.

    The staff can barely go to work cos there is no money and the DG doesn’t care. He doesn’t need them. He only works with few of his men who are also benefiting from his largesse.

    The FG brought in an Engineer business man who knows nothing about disaster management and humanitarian service to head a sensitive agency like NEMA. This shows how insensitive and callous the FG is towards lives and properties of Nigerians.

    The NEMA board headed by the vice president showed they are in support of the DG by suspending some directors and staff of the agency including the director of finance without investigation just so they can clear the way for the DG to steal money without checks.

    The house of rep is doing a great job investigating the agency but do they have the power to axe the DG? The power still lies with the executive and maybe like NHIS boss, they will do nothing rather embolden him to steal more for the leading party in preparation for 2019 election.

    APC government is the worst thing that happened to Nigeria in a long time.

    By the grace of God, this face will pass and Nigerians will survive.


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