NDLEA officials
NDLEA officials

NDLEA Nabs 4,736 suspects, intercepts 80 tons of Drugs

National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) has arrested 4, 736 persons for suspected involvement in drug trafficking between January and August 2018. This is made up of 4, 395 male and 341 female.

2. A total of 80.73 metric tons of the illicit substances were seized from the suspects. Cannabis sativa, also known as wee-wee, the only drug crop cultivated in Nigeria accounted for 59.2 tons of the total drug seizures while Methamphetamine which is fast gaining currency in local production, accounted for 119.37 kilograms. Tramadol and Cough Syrup with Codeine, the two pharmaceutical drugs of abuse accounted for 16.969 tons and 7.973.5 metric tons, respectively.

3. Within this same period, the Agency has prosecuted a total of 490 suspected drug offenders out of which it secured 485 convictions with four acquittals. The court struck out of the cases.

4. The Agency has destroyed 267 metric tons of seized drugs this year alone. The public destruction by burning exercise which has taken place between January and August was carried out in Edo State where 136 metric tons were destroyed, Ondo State where the Agency destroyed 110.5 metric tons and Adamawa State with the destruction of 14.4 metric tons. The Agency destroyed 6.21 tons in Jigawa State.

5. The Agency has also stepped up its measures in countering the proliferation of clandestine laboratories and illicit production of methamphetamine. From January till date, three clandestine laboratories have been discovered and dismantled. This is a remarkable effort considering the secrecy in which methamphetamine activities are shrouded.

6. Complementing the supply reduction activity aimed taking drugs off the streets is the drug demand reduction efforts which involved operational stride have been reinforced with drug demand reduction drive such as counseling of drug dependent person. Anti-drug use messages were also taken to motor parks, schools, worship centres, NYSC Orientation camps and other public places.

7. The Agency will continue to maintain its foothold at the entry and exit points as well as in all the nooks and crannies of the country.

Jonah Achema,
Principal Staff Officer, Public Affairs


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