1. Sir if I may, men and women of the armed forces sacrifice their lives, so we can be secure, and no doubt we have combatant soldiers, for which we are grateful. The issue is, there never seems to be a continued or relentless pursuit of these savages, even cautiously, so as not to compromise the safety of those held captive, it’s more of repelling attacks and brief pursuits just after, though I have commanded and shared on quite a few occasions, the times it seems the war is taken to the enemy. When the Chadians rolled into Nigeria, chasing bh like children, there was an end insight, yet the then government stopped it, perhaps because just enough was done, why can’t the same, or similar be done, as our troopsare better trained, and could be as rugged as the Chadians , as that is a winning recipie for fighting animals. Sovereignty is important , but this war concerns all, and the MNJTF should be just that, after all, we must explore all avenues in tackling this menace, and the issue of the vast land, and perhaps inadequate number of troops to cover such, seems evident at times. There is also the cost of bombing one terrorist on motorcycle, it’s not practical, however othereans are available, and an all out ground offensive, backed up by the Air Force, would be very effective. I saw about 2000 troops at Benesheikh once, ready to go in and comb the nearby bush using flanks, it made me so proud as I drove past, yet it is a one off reactionary move, which if again I may suggest, needs to be regular, until each creature called bh, is caught or killed. May the Almightys blessings continue to be with our Troops, Ameen.


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