1. Why did the soldier went there in first place to arrest the IPOB?
    Is that their duty?
    Is IPOB herdsmen or Boko Haram?
    Is IPOB a terrorist group?
    Is IPOB with any arms?
    What involved the soldiers with this issue to confront IPOB and stop them their normal and lawful, democratic, nonviolent, peaceful , rightful and godly duty of freedom by passing information to their own people to be calm and stay indoor on the Nigeria election day?
    Don’t IPOB has the right to advise their own people on what to do for their own common good?

    It’s quite unfortunate those soldiers are stepping on our toes.
    Please warn ⚠ them, the Arm forces of Nigeria to stop intimidating and insulting our people for no justification reasons.

    Don’t forget the said referendum shall hold.
    Long live ipob,
    Long live the people of Chukwu Okike Abiaama,
    Long live Biafra.


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