Mohammed Adoke
Mohammed Adoke

Adoke denies sending congratulatory message to Dino
The attention of Mr. Mohammed Bello Adoke SAN ( Our Client) has been drawn to a congratulatory massage to Senator Dino Malaye on Facebook purportedly posted by him.
This is to inform the general public and all Facebook users that our client does not own or operate a Facebook account and that the said congratulatory massage did not emanate from him.

Our Client therefore calls on the general public and Facebook users to disregard the said Facebook posting in it’s entirety as it is nothing but the handiwork of fraudsters and mischief makers.

Our Client has since 2015 when he left public office maintained a personal policy of refraining from commenting on issues related to Nigerian politics and this has not changed.

Our client has taken appropriate steps to bring this infraction and illegality to the attention of Facebook for immediate remedial action.

Victor Iorshenge
For Equity Law Partners



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