Ibrahim Yahya Oloriegbe

CHILDRENS’ DAY: Oloriegbe Advocates Quality Education for Better Future

Kwara Central Senator-Elect, Dr. Ibrahim Yahya Oloriegbe has celebrated with children nationwide in the commemoration of today’s Children’s Day celebration.

Oloriegbe said this in a felicitation message, to children and most especially Parents and Guardians, signed by his Media Aide, Bolaji Aladie, wherein he described them as the most important gift of life.

The parts of the message read thus: “Our children need to be celebrated because they are the most important gift God may have blessed us with for they are our future. In this life, everyone has had to passed through this tender and very important stage. This stage is so crucial to individual and societal development because the kind of upbringing a child is given determines the kind of future he or she will have. And eventually, the kind of collective future our children have would play the most significant role in shaping our nation’s future.

“Therefore, it is not only important to appreciate and celebrate children at this stage of life, it is equally expedient to give them the necessary and essential upbringings and mentoring in education, morals and of course religious teachings.

“On this note, I call upon parents and guardians not to falter in their roles and duties at this pivotal stage of our children. Our children are our future. And in order to assure ourselves of a progressive future for our nation, we must all ensure we do not neglect our primary duties to our children.” He stated.


Bolaji Aladie
Media Aide to:
Dr. Ibrahim Yahya Oloriegbe
Kwara Central Senatorial District


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