9th NASS: Sen. Oloriegbe Assures Constituents of Fair, Quality Representation

Following the official inauguration of ninth National Assembly, the Senator representing Kwara Central Senatorial District, Distinguished Senator, Sen. (Dr.) Ibrahim Yahya Oloriegbe has expressed his heartfelt appreciation to the people of Kwara, most especially, those of his constituents, for their shows of support and the trust placed in him as their representative in the National Assembly.

In his appreciation message duly signed by him, the newly inaugurated lawmaker expressed his profound gratitude to his people while reiterating on his promises of fair and quality representation.

The message, in parts, read thus: “First and foremost, I give special thanks to Almighty Allah for His continuous guidance and stamping of His blueprint of success right from the very beginning of this incredible journey.

“It’s with the most deepest of gratitude, that I give appreciation to my people for this great honour accorded me as their representative in our nation’s assembly. This gratitude is too ponderous to be expressed for the sacred trust and unwavering confidence reposed in me. It’s an honour which I’m deeply conscious of, grateful for and which I’m fully prepared to dedicate my life for, in order to deliver unfailingly.

“I, therefore, pledge and commit myself to deliver on my promises to the people and to always make their interests take precedence in all my dealings as an elected representative.

“Mandatory upon me, have I made to apply the standards of fairness, accountability and quality representation in the discharge of my representative’s duties and responsibilities to my people.

“Great are the people’s expectations. Deep are their yearnings and longings for a better Kwara. Equally, my conscious of these things and readiness to dutifully commit myself to their realizations, are of similar if not of greater intensity.

“My people have come a long way. The long walk to freedom has been tedious. The sacrifices are numerous. Many times, the intensity of the journey takes it tolls, but the spirit of togetherness and the oneness of purpose have taken us this far to put me here. Deeply aware am I of all these which makes me reiterate again on the assurance that; I, certainly, will not fail the people. Insha Allah, Kwara will be great than before.”

Distinguished Senator,
Dr. Ibrahim Yahya Oloriegbe
Kwara Central Senatorial District


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