IGP Mohammed A Adamu Police Boss
IGP Mohammed A Adamu Police Boss

Why We Deploy Police Dogs in Crime Prevention- IGP Adamu

(An address by IGP Mohammed Adamu on Deployment of Security Dogs at Railway Stations nationwide)

It is with a deep sense of professional commitment that I address you all on this occasion which marks the formal deployment of the K9 assets of the Nigeria Police to all our railway stations across the country. This initiative is within the context of Operation Puff Adder and it is planned to compliment the existing security measures emplaced for the security and safety of passengers and critical infrastructure of the Nigeria Railway Corporation across the country.

2. The deployment of special breed and exceptionally-trained police dogs for security duties is as old as human civilization. Hence, their utilization in combating crimes and sundry internal security threats in the 21stcentury cannot be over emphasized. Indeed, K9 are known to possess extra-ordinary capacity for detection of Improvised Explosives Devices (IEDs), narcotics and other illicit drugs, firearms and other prohibited items which criminals usually engage for the perfection of their criminal activities. The deployment of Police dogs is therefore meant for detection or prevention crimes along the railway corridors. Their brief shall be for patrols, surveillance, detection and apprehension of felons in and around railway facilities.

3. The Nigeria Police prides itself as having one of the most equipped, experienced, highly-trained, and functional K9 Section. They also have commendable antecedent of successful anti-crime, crowd control and civil disorder management operations in the country. Indeed, it is on record that the Nigeria Police Force Animal Branch has been instrumental to the training and development of similar branches for other security agencies in the country.

4. By this event today, our plan is to maximize our unique K9 strength to complement other sections that have been deployed as part of the broad policing architecture which we recently emplaced towards addressing our internal security challenges. It will be recalled that prior to this time, about one thousand additional police personnel were deployed to the Nigeria Police railway Command. This unprecedented deployment was designed to address the manpower gap of the Command and reposition them to address vulnerabilities, projected threats, and security challenges which the increasing human traffic and expanding assets of the Nigeria Railway Corporation may present.

5. Just this morning, I watched the ‘Sunrise Daily’ Programme of Channels Television which focused on security of railway passengers and I was delighted to hear most of those interviewed confirming that indeed police security deployment has been significantly enhanced both around the railway facilities and in-coach. With today’s initiative, passengers, staff, and indeed, all the citizens of this country can further be re-assured of their security as they patronize the services of the Nigerian Railway Corporation.

6. I can also assure that all the assets of the Police shall continually be mobilized and deployed towards denying criminal elements of any space to operate in any location in the country. We however, continually solicit the cooperation of all. We encourage all citizens to embrace the concept of ‘if you see something, say something’. Indeed, our appeal now is ‘if you suspect something, say something’. This is a civil obligation of all citizens and this is the most potent weapon towards collectively winning the war against elements bent on threatening our security.

7. May I at this juncture, commend the officers and men of the K9 Section of the Nigeria Police for their resolve and commitment in ensuring that the maximum capabilities of these dogs are harnessed for the safety of our country. Always be assured that your welfare and that of your dogs will always be of priority to myself and the entire management team as you join this operation today. As you have always been, I expect you to be of good conduct and operate within strict professional ethics as you proceed to the respective Railways stations across the country in service of your Fatherland.

8. I also wish to utilize this opportunity to commend all police personnel currently on the Operation Puff Adder duty for their sacrifice, loyalty, dedication to duty and professionalism which have so far aided the Operation in achieving its goals of stabilizing the internal security order. I am very proud of your achievements. I, however, charge you all to sustain the tempo, noting that crime is a dynamic occurrence and even though we have recorded tremendous successes, we cannot afford to lower our guards. I pray that Allah (SWT) continues to protect you all as you commit to the sacred duty of securing the citizens of our beloved nation.

IGP Mohammed A. Adamu
Inspector General of Police


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