Bank Rehabilitates Juvenile Correctional Centre

This year Independence Day celebration is a memorable day for the students of Borstal training institution, Abeokuta- a juvenile arm of Nigeria Correctional Service.

The institution host a team of givers from Fidelity Bank called Fidelity Helping Hands Project (FHHP) headed by the South-West Regional Bank Head Mr Bayo Adeyinka and a host of top officials of the bank.

The team had chosen October 1st, 2019 as another day to give back to the society, support humanity and to help in easing the burden of custodial measures.

The team in an attempt to give back chooses the institution as the beneficiary of; a renovated block of three hostels, 100 pieces of mattresses, 20units of chairs and tables for the classroom and a table-tennis board. The commissioning of the renovated hostel was amidst fun fare for the beneficiary and benefactor.

The team lead Mr. Adeyinka who is visiting the center for the second time said that the donation is important because he believes that the young minds deserve a second chance in life to correct their mistakes and become better member of the society and they cannot do it alone rather with the support of bodies, organization like FHHP and privileged individuals they can get rid of anti-social behaviors, negative characters and become better members of the society thereby contributing towards the development of our society.

In the same vein, the bank social responsibility officer and the representative of fidelity helping hands project (FHHP) Mr. Ernest Ohkwuebe says that it is necessary for the bank to look in the direction of the institutions need because they believe that government cannot do it alone which necessitated their action by focusing on some of the institution needs. In his remarks, he holds that the main idea behind their action is to encourage everyone to become a giver; everyone should be giver as we all have something to give or offer to make our society better.

The head of the institution, Controller of Correctional Service, Ogbebor Violet. O. (Mrs.) was delighted with the presence of Fidelity bank helping hands project and how their donations will impart and positively affects the students’ developmental process. She holds that the items donated will reshape the lives and broaden the students’ worldview, the items provide will make the ambience of the institution better with conducive environment that will enhance the ability to learn, improved health and ease adaptation to training; this will aid the institution steps in the actualization of its statutory mandate of reformation, rehabilitation and reintegration of erring young offenders.

In her welcome address, she had given account about her stewardship informing and educating guest about the institution and her achievement. She concluded her speech by calling on everyone to be part of the laudable step by Fidelity Bank, if we desire a veritable environment good enough for raising our future leaders: a society that is serene, safe and peaceful conducive for socio-political and economic development is to become a reality then an inclusive society must be attained which is where the Fidelity helping hand project can lead us.

Raji Babatunde Yusuff (ASP)
PRO Borstal Abeokuta
[email protected]