Mohammed-Babandede-NIS Immigration boss
Mohammed-Babandede-NIS Immigration boss

NIS Intercepts 28 Victims of Human Trafficking in Katsina

The Operatives of the Nigeria Immigration Service Border Control at Kongolam Katsina State intercepted and arrested 28 victims on the verge of been smuggled out of the country through the Nigerian border at Kongolam to Niger by human smugglers with the pretence that they were going to Agadez in Niger Republic to take up jobs, when interrogated the victims were lost between the truth and reality of disclosures as most of them left without informing their parents of their plans and destination as they were under the illusion of going to take up jobs promised them by the human smugglers, the breakdown has 19 females and 9 males.

The Comptroller General of Nigeria Immigration Service Muhammad Babandede MFR is taking this medium to call on young Nigerians to avoid the options given them by the human smugglers of securing jobs that are not available in the first instance outside the country as they are exposed to the danger of abandonment in the desert if they ever get there, to being abused, and their travel documents seized by this heartless organized criminals that specializes in Trafficking in Persons and Smuggling of Migrants.

The Comptroller General therefore expresses dismay that even with recent arrest at Kongolam the victims mostly youths are still falling to the antics of the human smugglers exposing them to the risks that may jeorpadise their future and sometimes lead to death in the desert or elsewhere if not for the proactiveness of the gallant Operatives that have stepped up patrol and other control measures in compliance with the CGI directive on operating an airtight border security and patrol to stop irregular migration out of and into Nigeria across all the countries border frontiers.

The Forward Operation Bases across the country is yielding positively as the Operatives have a befitting accommodation and vehicles and incentives to match, this has reduced tendency for any form of inducement that may prompt Compromise in the course of carrying out their duties. The Operatives are on top gear to guaranteeing safe and secured national borders for Nigeria.

DCI Sunday James pcc,
Service Public Relations Officer,
For :Comptroller General of Nigeria Immigration Service.