MNJT Troops
MNJTF Troops

MNJTF Eliminates Khalifa Umar, High Ranking ISWAP Commander

In continuation of the ongoing offensive operations against the Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP) and other purveyors of violence and instability in the Lake Chad Basin, the Air Task Force of the MNJTF neutralised the third-ranking commander in ISWAP leadership echelon Amir Khalifa Umar in an air interdiction conducted yesterday in Tunbum Sabon.

Khalifa Umar was a High-Value Target considering that he was also the Chief Judge of ISWAP.

In a separate air interdiction conducted in Kwalaram, three other senior commanders of ISWAP were also neutralised. More details on the full Battle Damage Assessment will be conveyed in subsequent press releases.

Additionally, MNJTF Air Task Force interdiction of ISWAP training camp and mustering area in Tumbun Madayi 3 days ago also yielded expected result. Several terrorists and their commanders who gathered for training or an attack were neutralised or maimed. Battle Damage Assessment indicates that a sizeable ISWAP terror infrastructure were destroyed.

The MNJTF is firm in its resolve, in partnership with national forces and operations, to intensify pressure on ISWAP until it capitulates.

Please, disseminate this information to the general public.

Colonel Timothy Antigha
Chief of Military Public Information